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Fairchild 24 for Flight Simulator

UPDATE: I have not worked on this model in some time now and am not sure if or when this model will be available to the public. I apologize for any inconvenience.

A unique opportunity will be provided to you to be able to fly this Fairchild 24 on Microsoft Flight Simulator. I am developing an electronic, 3D model of "NC28640" as an add-on for Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2004. The aircraft is currently under construction using Discreet's Gmax, a free, PC based, 3-dimentional graphical design program. The first package to be released will include an exterior model, flight dynamics, and a 2-dimentional control panel. Later versions will include authentic Warner engine sounds and a 3-dimentional "virtual cockpit" with an updated exterior model.

Below is a 4-view screenshot taken in gmax (12/20/2006). Be aware that this is not the finished product and it will more than likely look a lot different when I release it. The visual model has changed significantly since the pictures were taken. I will upload new ones as soon as possible.

4-view of the model in the gmax application

This is a screenshot from within Flight Simulator 2004 showing the detailed engine area and prop.

Screenshot of the engine and prop.

This is a screenshot from within Flight Simulator 2004 with the Fairchild 24 parked at Oshkosh AirVenture.

Screenshot of the Fairchild 24 at Oshkosh AirVenture.

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